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How to Decorate a Kitchen Tuscan Style

"This is a photo of a pottery shop in Italy. The rich colors give a festive feeling that make me visualize a large family gathered in a massive kitchen filled with fabulous aromas and laughter!" Blogger Deb brings with Italian inspiration! LOVE


Majolica Deruta Limoncello Blue Jug Intrada Italian NEW


Geometrico Coasterstone Coasters - These sandstone coasters are absorbent enough to soak up all the moisture dripping from your iciest glass, even on the hottest summer days! We designed these coasters ourselves to match our Deruta Geometrico collection, but these sophisticated geometric designs will complement any Italian pottery pattern that you happen to collect. Made from super absorbent sandstone by the CoasterStone (TM) company. Sold exclusively at Italian Pottery Outlet in Santa…