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Lamborghini Police Car in the rear view mirror? Just shift your Bugatti Veyron 16.4 into 4th!


Prohibition - The lack of a solid popular consensus for the ban resulted in the growth of vast criminal organizations, including the modern American Mafia, and various other criminal cliques. Widespread disregard of the law also generated rampant corruption among politicians and within police forces.


Berlin lorry killer's chilling ISIS pledge video revealed

The Berlin attack suspect has been shot dead after a gunfight with police in Milan, Italian police have said


Newspaper headlines: Manhunt ends and last-minute Christmas shopping

The killing by Italian police of the Berlin market attacker and a predicted Christmas Eve shopping rush make the front pages.

Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri killed in Milan

Italian police shoot dead Berlin attacker Anis Amri near a Milan train station after he opened fire. When Italian police stopped the suspect, who was on foot, at 03:00 (02:00 GMT), he "immediately drew out a gun" and shot at the two policemen, Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti said.