Hahahaha this is for Nikki and Sandy! I still don't say it right because I second guess myself now.

Italian Girl Problems but really don't know how many times I've had to do this . me: "no its not guh no chi" my friends: "wait the g is silent, what?

I can honestly say this happens to me  more problems here

Italian Girl Problems I have brown hair, and thanks to the sun the tips are almost strawberry blonde

Story of my life....Italian girl problems

Italian Girl Problems the only italian trait i got was loud talking, talking with hands and im short

Haha I'm Italian. :) but I'm from northern Italy. And I'm also Scottish. So I'm as white as they come.

Italian Girl Problem ~ this IS my answer! Ahh, the perks of having or of Italian in my ethnicity.

Italian girl problems

My cousin would be like " nonna, nicole's hungry." And she would be like "what the hell nicole!" She's the only person i know who will make me a meal at midnight

Italian Girl Problems

Haha for reals though, I have four bottles of extra vigil olive oil imported from Italy in my pantry right now :D