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This chocolate semifreddo recipe is the ideal Italian summer dessert for those who can't get enough chocolate.

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Italian Chocolate Nut Christmas Cake

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Nigella's Italian Christmas: Chocolate salame

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Chocolate and hazelnut cake (Torta gianduia)

Gianduia is a speciality of the Piedmont region and it’s a mixture of ground hazelnuts and chocolate, now mostly seen as Nutella.

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Chocolate Salame

Chocolate Salami: I’ve encountered quite a few versions of chocolate salame in Italy – coming to the conclusion that it’s really an Italian version of our chocolate refrigerator cake – and although I am not normally a huge fan of the culinary pun, this does seem the right time of year for such whimsical enterprises.

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Vegan Hot Chocolate Three Ways

Vegan Hot Chocolate Three Ways. Peppermint, Orange and Thick Italian Style with Sea Salt

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Great Chocolate Torrone, an easy Italian Christmas candy, creamy, decadent, chocolatey..., ,

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Tiramisu Layer Cake with Ombre Mascarpone Frosting

This Tiramisu Layer Cake is an ideal indulgent celebration cake for all lovers of coffee, chocolate and of course that delicious Italian classic, tiramisu!

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