Why you need to visit the Isle of Islay, and what to see and do when you're there (both whisky and non-whisky related!)

Islay: The Friendliest Isle of All?

Islay is a gorgeous isle and worth traveling to alone, but the Islay Whisky Festival is a bizarre and spectacular experience not to be missed.

Nothing Special

This is a high quality professional digital print of an illustration of Islay, Queen of the Hebrides. It features the famous Whisky distilleries. Each skyline is printed onto FSC approved 230 gsm uncoated paper. Dimensions: 297 x 420 mm

Scotland’s Isle of Islay Distilleries [Infographic]

The Whisky Distilleries Islay - Tasting Map shows a map of Islay with 27 Distilleries.

the singing sands, isle of islay

Visit Islay, the place I was named after. This is The Singing Sands, Isle of Islay.

Full view of Soldier's Rock, Isle of Islay

Soldier's Rock, Isle of Islay, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Burial slab at Kildalton, Isle of Islay, Scotland

Over the Sea to Glasgow: Kildalton Church & High Cross

First Stop in Islay....  Too many choices!  Laphroaig, probably.  Could take a while to cover the whole island....

All about the 8 scotch whiskeys from the best little island to produce scotch whiskey (in my opinion).

Isle of Islay accommodation, transport and sightseeing - The Internet Guide to Scotland

Sightseeing, history, accommodation, travel - your complete guide to the Isle of Islay, one of the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland