A woman’s heart should be so close to Allah that a man has to seek Him just to find her.

cool Islamic Art & Quotes from Quran & Hadith about forgiveness, parents, patience, death, life inspirati.

Islam does not oppress women. Fundamentalism oppresses the weak. Don't confuse the two statements.

Everytime i hear about the veil, and how Islam is to blame, this is what i want to say to everyone. Its a part of real history. As women we are free. (If you heard that Islam oppresses women please read.

Women in Islam

Women in Islam=) Please don't curse him Angels, forgive his sins Ya Rabb


محمد الكربي on

This graphic is an example of religion and women's rights, specifically the right to education. It shows that both western and Islamic faiths have fought for the right for a women to get an education.

Islam is the instruction guide for humanity to live on earth it was sent from the best expert and the best creator ( allah )

“Study Islam from the right sources. Don't believe the mainstream media lies” Islam appreciates women more than any other religion nor person did or even will.

Allah knows,and that's enough for me.

This special flower is for you. Yes. Only Allah knows!

*sobs uncontrollably*  May peace and blessings be upon him.

*sobs uncontrollably* May peace and blessings be upon him.>> need to cross check this