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Massive Rally AGAINST Islam In France But You’d NEVER Know It If You Watch CNN

Zionists also focused on the rehabilitation of what was barren and considered unusable. They not only made the desert bloom but drained swamps, cleared water channels, reclaimed wasteland, forested bare hills, cleared rocks, and removed salt from the soil. Jewish reclamation and sanitation work precipitously reduced the number of disease-related deaths.

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Grande Mosquée de Paris

Grande Mosquée de Paris. A beautiful representation of Islam in France. Go for the intricate geometric mosaic designs and a sweet afternoon tea | Photographer unknown

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Brigitte Gabriel on Rise of Radical Islam in France - YouTube - THIS IMAM IS LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH... He is practicing what is called "Taqiyya" which is in the quran and states openly that it is PERMITTED to twist the truth and to outright lie to all infidels !!! As the quran does command the death of those who abandon islam and for those who won't convert to islam !!! FILTHY LIAR !!!

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MILF joins Philippines in condemning terror attacks in France | Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper The Moro Islamic Liberation Front has joined the Philippines in condemning the deadly terrorist attacks by ISIS across civilian targets in France that had