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Benghazi Gate: Obama has $$$$ for mosques but no money for consulate security? — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami


Christian Children Murdered for Refusing Islamic Conversion: “We Love Jesus” Read more at


Revere public schools in Boston are teaching students the conversion prayer to Islam. Boston's first Muslim captain has said he wants officers reading with children 10-27 14.

GUYLAINE, d'un style de vie "bling-bling" à l'ISLAM |conversion islam 2...

from sharia unveiled

SPECIAL REPORT: Virginia, U.S. High School Students Indoctrinated Into Islamic Conversion by Writing ‘..There is No G-d but Allah..’

Islamic Indoctrination or Calligraphy? December 2015 Islamic Indoctrination or Calligraphy? A Virginia school teacher, Cheri Laporte, is under fire today for having students “practice calligraphy” by writing “there is no god but [...]