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Stroke Risk Calculator from National Stroke Association

national stroke awareness day | Stroke Risk Calculator from National Stroke Association


RBBB almost always has a pathological cause. Causes include: Ischaemic heart disease Pulmonary embolus Rheumatic heart disease Myocarditis Congenital heart defects Cardiomyopathy Cor pulmonale


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Congestive heart failure is a condition where the heart's function as a pump is not as effective as it should be. It usually develops over time. So if you have or are developing a combination of these symptoms, you need to see a doctor.


Another huge nail in the coffin of psychiatry

'The strength of each of the editions of DSM has been ‘reliability’ – each edition has ensured that clinicians use the same terms in the same ways. The weakness is its lack of validity. Unlike our definitions of ischemic heart disease, lymphoma, or AIDS, the DSM diagnoses are based on a consensus about clusters of clinical symptoms, not any objective laboratory measure.' -- Thomas Insel (Image: Aiko Fukawa) #AllAreDifferent