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)O( I gave my husband a chunk of amethyst when the moon was right, to place on his desk at work.... a month later he got a promotion and a raise... He went on to receive 3 more pay raises...and is now right where he wants to be with his career path... )O( <3 REAL Witches are women who believe in magic, follow the old religions, respect nature, and harm none. If a witch loves you, be good to her... She will love you like no other.

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Perfume Recipes for Witches, Book of Shadows Pages, BOS Pages, Real Witchcraft

Perfume Recipes for Witches page with six recipes for perfume. Real witchcraft spells. At The Grimoire our goal is to help you create the Book of Shadows that you have always wanted to have in a cost efficient manner.

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Depression Banishing Candle Spell, Book of Shadows Page, BOS Pages, Witchcraft • $2.00

Depression Banishing Candle Spell, Book of Shadows Page, BOS Pages, Witchcraft This chart is by Magickal Moonies Sanctuary.

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'Witch's cottage' unearthed near Pendle Hill, Lancashire

An ancient 17th century witches cottage recently unearthed at Pendle, Lancashire. Complete with a cat skeleton in the walls!

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Magic Potions and Recipes - Lot 12 Book of Shadows Pages - Like Charmed - Real Witchcraft - Wiccan - Magic Spells

If only dragon's blood resin was easy to get hold of! Plus I do feel bad as apparently the tree it's from is endangered.. I don't think I'd ever buy it because of this - unless it was sustainably sourced which it rarely is.


**UPDATE 11/04/16: NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS** ​ Whether you are new to Witchcraft or are an experienced Witch, this private session will illuminate your obstacles and will guide you step-by-step through the spellwork required to reach your goals with measurable success! Included in this service: 100% dedicated time to your life problems and your desired outcome(s). This is your time to get all of your witchcraft questions answered and find real witchcraft solutions for achieving your…