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Yep. If you get involved with someone that is married, you will most likely not end up together. No fairy tale begins with, Im waiting for my lover to leave their spouse.


so true. LOVE is a promise not a silly phrase you say to every person you know. If I say it I mean it. You earned it, I didn't give it to you . Now try and keep it. Make the world happy and do what you should and say what you mean.


No one's perfect, we all make mistakes. Sometimes that mistake is thinking we are perfect and an exception to the rules.


I just found proof "him" has been cheating on me. Not only having sex with a woman close to TWENTY YEARS older than "him"/us, but also hooking up with random women from sex ads and at bars, all of which is somehow so much worse than an affair ...


In the story the father cheated on the mother with another women having four other kids. The Mirabal sisters now have 4 half sisters that they never knew anything about. At first Minerva is very angry with her father. But then she found out why her father did what he did even though is was by choice not a mistake.


A woman who sleeps with another woman's husband will say anything to try to justify their actions. His wife is crazy, his wife is a bitch, he doesn't love her anymore They never stop to question the man who cheats on the woman he vowed his life to. They never stop to wonder if perhaps his wife is a crazy bitch because his cheating ass made her that way. And they certainly never stop to think that maybe someday he might do the same to her.

from After Narcissistic Abuse

The Four Most Common Masks Worn by The Narcissist

The whole time I stayed with her while she would see him. Then tossed out and he comes in. I miss her more than anything and my sweet son, I love you.