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Just shoosh if you don't 'get it' ...I'm really glad you're not going through it, but don't tell me how to fix what you don't understand

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Illness - other people have no way of knowing. No reason to get testy. And this is from someone who has been sick for almost thirty years. Most people have their own crosses to bear, but do we usually extend ourselves to think about them? Of course not, not most of the time.

Beating Diabetes Infographic by Personal Alert Systems: According to other research, performing a mixture of aerobic fitness exercise and strength training is linked to improved glycemic levels with type 2 diabetes patients in comparison to patients who don’t exercise. Read the full article here: "Aerobic Exercise and Resistance Training Combination for Diabetes"

People With Diabetes – Diabetes or can be called with diabetes or blood sugar disease. One type of chronic disease have early signs such as increased levels of sugar in the blood due to a disturbance in the body’s metabolic system. Diabetes is not curable but can be controlled blood sugar levels. Diabetes occurs because …

Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (complete). Big Pharma and your doctor want you to believe diabetes is non-curable. DIABETES IS REVERSIBLE - don't believe me? Watch this documentary and see for yourself - several Type 2 and even Type 1 Diabetics change the food they ate and took control of their life by eating a raw food diet. This is an "extreme" change - it is a lifestyle change - it means you have to let go of the poison you eat now. Watch and learn. This is my new goal.