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Is Autism Hereditary

Information that should be passed around more, I am not apathetic, I just have a different way on showing emotions, and helping others.


Five psychiatric disorders 'linked'

Five psychiatric disorders linked

10 Simple Ways to Work on Balance | Your Therapy Source -


Migraine study finds more genes that cause condition - Health News - NHS Choices

Does my child have Autism or Fragile X Syndrome?

The Fragile X gene is hereditary and can be passed on through many generations of a family before the gene mutates to over 200 repeats and begins to cause obvious symptoms. This is often the first confirmed case of Fragile X Syndrome within a family. However here in Ireland due to the current restrictions on Fragile X testing which can be viewed here at this link many children are currently likely to never receive a correct diagnosis for their…


What Causes Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Is OCD Genetic? Is OCD Hereditary?

Click on this Infographic to learn more about the symptoms of ADHD. #ADHDawareness

Click on this Infographic to learn more about the symptoms of ADHD. #ADHDawareness

I take a week off and as I'm waiting for my flight home my anxiety is off the charts. I have soo much to do and as soon as I step foot off the plane. I'm going to go! Go! Go!


Is Autism Hereditary? | Aspergers Test Site


Possible Causes of ADHD

Genes and heredity. Differences in brain development and brain chemistry. Traumatic brain injuries and epilepsy may cause ADHD symptoms. Prenatal exposure to smoke or high levels of lead under age 5.