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The best way to water your garden is to set up a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer. But what if you do not have that option?. If so, a great option is to bury a milk jug with holes drilled in it next to your plants. To water all you have to do is stick the hose in the top of the jug and fill up the milk jug and you are done! It also makes it easy to fertilize, add a scoup of fertilizer into the jug and add water and you are done!

Single Irrigation Timer with Dial Control. Equipped with washable filter 63 pre-set programs to choose from (+off and 5 minute test) Powered by 9v alkaline battery, which will last an entire season

Highland Polytunnels - Single Irrigation Timer with Dial Control, £56.00 (


DIY irrigation system for raised flower beds. Pretty clever really. No need to think much harder about watering. Just attach to a spigot and turn on when needed.


Irrigation Systems

watering raised garden beds


DIY Drip Irrigation

Gone are the days of lugging around watering cans and dragging hoses. Now watering my entire garden happens without any effort on my part