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CCSS 8.NS.A.1 & 8.NS.A.2 - Irrational and Rational Numbers Stations

$ CCSS 8.NS.1 & 8.NS.2 - Irrational and Rational Numbers Stations (20 Problems); Topics: Approximate Irrational Numbers (square roots); Complete a table of squares or square roots; graph rational and irrational numbers on the number line; order rational and irrational numbers (including square roots) from least to greatest; determine whether numbers are rational or irrational; defining rational and irrational numbers; show examples of rational and irrational numbers


Rational vs. Irrational Numbers Sorting Activity

Rational vs. Irrational Numbers Sorting Activity is a quick and engaging way for students to practice identifying rational and irrational numbers quickly. It can be used as cyclical review of the difference between rational and irrational numbers. Supports CCSS 8.NS.A.1

Rational and Irrational Number Sort - Vocabulary Reinforcement

This product is an excellent way to have students discuss and strengthen their rational and irrational numbers knowledge. Students are asked to sort forty different cards into ten different supplied categories. The categories include: real numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, integers, whole numbers, counting/natural numbers, perfect square numbers, square roots, terminating decimals and repeating decimals


Lots of practicing sorting rational and irrational numbers into the correct bin.

This graphic organizer may be used as an informal pre-assessment, class practice, buddy activity, math notebook notes, or individual note taking for the Real Number System. The task includes a number "Sprinkles" bank. Directions: Students will first 'Sprinkle" the numbers on the ice cream scoops in order to classify irrational numbers, rational numbers, whole numbers, integers, and natural numbers.

Rational or Irrational Texting Activity is an engaging way for students to identify and describe the characteristics of rational and irrational numbers. In this FREE download, students will read and analyze text message and write their own series of text messages that describe rational and irrational numbers.


Introduction to rational and irrational numbers | Algebra I - Khan Academy. Learn what rational and irrational numbers are and how to tell them apart. Length: 5:54