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Balcony of the Qutub Minar. It is the tallest minaret in India, originally an ancient Islamic Monument, inscribed with Arabic inscriptions, though the iron pillar has some Brahmi inscriptions, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the city of Delhi. by Faiz


The Iron Pillar of Delhi is a 1,600-year-old, 22 feet high pillar located in the Qutb complex in India. The pillar, made from 98% wrought iron, has been astounding scientists by its ability to resist corrosion after all these years.


India, The Iron Pillar of Delhi, painted ivory and silver brooch, circa 1850, a view of the Pillar, with figures standing in the foreground, 72 x 60 mm.

At the center of Quwwatul Mosque, the Iron Pillar of Delhi, India dates to the 4th century AD. It bears an inscription saying it was erected in honour of the Hindu god, Vishnu, and in the memory of the Gupta King Chandragupta II (375-413). The pillar highlights ancient India's achievements in metallurgy. The pillar is made of 98 per cent wrought iron and has stood 1,600 years without rusting or decomposing.

Iron Pillar of Delhi. Read for the science behind why this iron pillar that is ages old DOES NOT RUST, per se.

The Iron Pillar of Delhi has incredibly withstood corrosion for the last 1600 years. The pillar has attracted the attention of archaeologists and metallurgists and has been called "a testament to the skill of ancient Indian blacksmiths"...

Image result for iron pillar of Old Delhi painting by Marianne North

The iron pillar of Delhi. 1600 years old and 98% wrought iron and yet it has never rusted or decomposed.