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That's why Tony's better than Batman. Correction. In my opinion that makes batman better because even though the joker killed someone he loved, he is still willing to give him life. Arguements? Please do.

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Tony Stark and Spider-Man<Now Tony, Peter, and Banner can all be Science Bros! (:

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Iron Man 3--Its a limited Edition- Tony Stark "my friends sister".... My friend..... He does have a heart!

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Because Tony secretly wants to be a father-figure to Peter

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The Best Of #Avengers Lulz

um.. not to get off on the wrong foot here, but do I look at the patch or the eye? haha!

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It's my theory that Tony made this stocking for Human Jarvis when Tony was a smol bean-- WHY ISN'T NO ONE TALKING ABOUT PEPPER'S FACE IN THIS PIC?!

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