Legend of Korra- Bumi with General Iroh II

Early morning drinks with Bumi by ~bobangeba - I can also see music night happening.

I feel like General Iroh II would be great with kids …

” Iroh winced as the boy tugged at his hair in a merciless attempt to get him to fly.” He’d grown tired of reminding the little airbender he wasn’t the Fire Lord.” “Of course.” “Yes, please!

I love how she refers to him as 'Grandpa Iroh' like he was Zuko's own father... Aah! Brb tearbending...

I love how she refers to him as 'Grandpa Iroh' like he was Zuko's own father. Be right back tearbending. I bet if Zuko had had a son, he would have named him Iroh

VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER X AVATAR - by solkorra - Shiro x General Iroh II - Lance x Sokka - Coran x Bumi - Hunk x Bolin - Pidge x Jinora - Allura x Katara - Keith x Zuko

For fun, you know xD Shiro x General Iroh II Pidge x Jinora Keith x Zuko Lance x Sokka Hunk x Bolin Allura x Katara Coran x Bumi And well, hope you like. Voltron Legendary Defender x Avatar

Legend of Korra- Asami Sato with General Iroh II ♥ Irosami// by http://nymre.tumblr.com/post/55012910848

Legend of Korra- Asami Sato with General Iroh II ♥ Irosami// by…

Iroh and Iroh II feels

ATLA TLOK - Iroh: avatar last airbender, legend of korra [ The happy ATLA feels that this artist creates by bringing the two series together. I love it

General Iroh II in "Kuvira's Gambit"

I feel like in most of these he's just really stressed out because of something Korea did (I didn't remember a lot from LOK.

I just want something like this to happen.. xp

Tags: Elderly, Katara, Black Gloves, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Iroh. is it ok if I cry?

Legend of Korra- General Iroh II with his grandfather Zuko oh my goodness so many feels!

Grandpa Zuko by zutaraxmylove. dude I can not believe korra is over.its so sad. oh, and IROH NEEDS MORE SCREEN TIME!so in his honor (see what I did there) I shall post fanart of him instead<<<<thank you

Ugggg!!!! I want to see Zuko's daughter!!!! ...And if she really is named Honora, I will laugh so hard...

Iroh looking at a picture of his Mother, Grandfather (Zuko) and Grandmother (Mai). Bumi is in the second picture. if that's true I will laugh so hard.

Legend of Korra - Zuko, Izumi, Iroh II by BotanicaXu

My first take on Avatar/Korra universe: Old Zuko, Firelord Izumi and Iroh II. I really regret not having drawn anything for it before since it is one of. Legend of Korra - Zuko, Izumi, Iroh II

Bryan Konietzko, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Iroh (Avatar: The Legend Of Korra), Signature, Frown

I was planning on doing this sketch a few weeks back, but I just got around to it tonight. Il Kwang at Studio Mir did a fantastic job designing young General Iroh, in my opinion. I saw a funny “CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FACE” post after he showed up in.

Awww...Zuko's daughter telling about Uncle Iroh....I bet he would have stories to tell.

korrashorts: “masterarrowhead: ““You were named after an incredible man, my little Iroh. He was known as the Dragon of the West, once a general to the Fire Nation’s army, a member of the Order of the.

General Iroh II (Photograph) by johngreeko on deviantART

Asami speaking: Here's a picture of my General in deep thinking of the answer for the game charades.