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i like the last one. i use it a lot

from Apanache

Astrology: Celtic Symbols and Irish Astrology

BB this is cute. My golden eagle can play with your owl; your wolf can try to catch my stag. <3 @bonobo


The original caption said, "Ireland." So that's where I am pinning it. If it turns out it's Scotland, let me know. With all that red hair, it could go either way.


I don't take dance lessons anymore, but I am still pretty flexible. I stretch in front of my friends and they are wondering how I can still do a scorpion and the splits even though I'm not taking dance lessons lol!


1/12 (1 inch) scale art doll sculpture detail photo illustrating the folk tale East O' the Sun West O' the Moon. Polymer clay and mixed media (5.5 inches tall)