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Baby Girl Name: Aislinn (pronounced ash-linn). Meaning: Dream. Origin: Gaelic; Irish.

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List of Top 40 Most Popular Irish Baby Girl Names of 2012 (most recent data) in North Ireland. BISCOTTINI UNLIMITED

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St. Patrick’s Day: 17 irresistible Irish baby names

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Baby Girl Name: Eilish (AY-lish). Meaning: Noble; God's Promise. Origin: Irish; Gaelic.

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These unusual baby girl names hail from all around the world

With roots in different languages, baby names from around the world are both beautiful and melodic -- and we think these unexpected girls' names are the best of the bunch. #babynames

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Baby Boy or Girl Name: Larken. Meaning: Fierce. Origin: Irish; Gaelic.

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Baby Girl Name: Lena. Meaning: Moonlight. Origin: Greek; Irish.

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Where in Ireland are you from? Trace your Irish heritage and find out where your Irish surname originated or is most dominant in Ireland. We’ve included over 100's of popular Irish surnames from all around the country, from the O’Sullivans of Cork to the Doyles of Dublin to the O’Malleys of Mayo. Enjoy!

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MAEVE. Irish. "She who intoxicates." I love this because a nickname is Mab, which are my maiden initials. Maeve is a short and sweet legendary ancient Irish queen's name that is now finding well-deserved favor at #500 in the US--an excellent first or middle name choice, with more character and resonance than Mae or May. Maeve/Mab is in mythology and literature multiple times. Chris O'Donnell used Maeve for his daughter. #babynames #irishnames #girlnames #unique

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12 Romantic Girl Names Inspired By Love

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