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The Irish Land League and Charles Stuart Parnell

A family evicted in Donegal during the Famine in 1848. This was to be continued during the Rent evictions in the 1880s.


Coffin Ship Memorial,Co Mayo Ireland, bronze sculpture located National Famine Memorial, 'Coffin Ship', Westport, Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo, Ireland, Sculpture by John Belan commemorating the anniversary of the Irish Famine.


Beginning in the 1700's, the Irish were evicted by greedy landlords, which were primarily English, living in England. Once the famine began, the evictions became rampant, leaving the Irish homeless in their own land.


Old Leaves Reveal Cause Of Great Famine

Cause Of Great Potato Famine revealed/More than 1 million died between 1845-1854 causing 1 million to emigrate & fueling tension between Irish Catholics & Protestants. Now DNA sequencing of dried leafs of the "Irish lumper" potato, the genome of the organism causing the blight has been found to be a single strain of a fungus like pathogen Phytophthora infestus. May 24, 2013


The Great Famine was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852. During the famine Ireland's population dropped by 20–25 percent, one million people died, and a million more emigrated from the island. The proximate cause of the famine was a potato disease commonly known as potato blight. The blight was so devastating because one third of the Irish population was entirely dependent on the potato for food.


The Famine in County Down, Ireland 1845 - 1850, Ros Davies' Co. Down, Northern Ireland Family History Research Site