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Jon Stewart smacks down Judith Miller: You drove us into the “devastating” Iraq war

Jon Stewart smacks down Judith Miller: You drove us into the "devastating" Iraq war

For history we have a video of the Iran-Iraq war. This is the most important war in Iran. The Iran-Iraq border runs along the Shatt al-arab which is a waterway. Iran always guarded the waterway. In 1978-1979 the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein tried to claim the Shatt al-arab. The war had started. The UN eventually had to break up the war. Combined, the number deaths were about 750,000.

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35 Remarkable Photos From The Iraq War — And The Stories Behind Them

Baquba, Iraq. 11/9/03 - This image that could have been taken on any day since U.S. troops & their allies invaded the country. Contrary to this man who was detained and later brought to the base – what happened to him after I don't know – for us it was just another ugly day that it could have turned even more uglier if something went wrong. (Image by Damir Sagolj, Reuters)


"If we don't cure our addiction to this – to oil – nothing will matter in the future," says Iraq War veteran Doug Good Feather

The shocking 20-minute long video also features a speech from. a jihadi against a background of footage of the ongoing war in Iraq/NOV16

Military War Dogs. They are a huge part in the success of our military. Many war dogs actually outrank soldiers. They and their handlers have been a great asset to the US services.


#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #Rojava [VIDEO] Watch Mosul War Video: ISIS Fights Iraqi Troops In Streets As Operation To Recapture City Reaches Violent New Stage Dramatic new video from inside Mosul, Iraq, reveals a violent new stage of the operation to retake the city from ISIS as the attack on Mosul enters its fourth week. Peshmerga troops — the military unit of the Kurdistan…