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International Law applies to EVERYONE ALL OF THE TIME, not just when its convenient to enforce. Free Palestine


Oil Firm DNO to Add Export Capacity from Northern Iraq -

When sesis says I can talk to u because u know the war in Iraq was really about oil.... And me not reading his book until I go offshore Desert of the real....


MEA, Middle East Airlines, Bagdad - Vintage Posters - Galerie 123 - The place to find vintage art Jacques Auriac


American Power at the Crossroads, a Snapshot of a Multipolar World in Action............ In the strangest election year in recent American history - one in which the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson couldn't even conjure up the name of a foreign leader he 'admired' while Donald Trump remained intent on building his 'fat, beautiful wall' and 'taking' Iraq oil - the world may be out of focus for many Americans right now. So a little introduction to the planet we actually inhabit is in order.

Trump's plan to seize Iraq's oil: 'It's not stealing, we're reimbursing ourselves'

Extreme weather events, such as these multiple tornadoes, are more likely as a result of climate change. See more:


Suitable Iraq pic US strikes Iraqi extremists as RAF aid arrives - - #GKP

Iraqi reed house neighborhood, built on a marsh."They made columns from the thick, giant rushes and gather 30-40 of them together to make pillars, and interweave them for a skeleton frame. They added reed mats, and even the decoration on the front of the homes is fancy lattice work made of the reeds. There's no glass, no nails, no wood." Even the islands the houses rest on are made of compacted mud and rushes.