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Iraq News Today

April 2, 2012. London. Americans may not be allowed to watch the historic interview airing in England today and tomorrow. Because of widespread censorship of the news in the US, Americans may not even hear about it. But for the first time ever, the man who single-handedly caused the US to invade the wrong country after the Sept. 11 attacks will speak to reporters in Britain, admitting his lie and telling all. His name is Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, or Curveball to the CIA.

'God's Plan Will Prevail': Up To 50,000 Christians In Iraq To Pray Together For Peace | Christian News on Christian Today.

U.S. Delta Force and British SAS forming kill teams to take out ISIS leadership


"A new American global way of war is emerging to replace the double disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan." "Once again, the top officials of our ever-expanding national security state are evidently convinced of their own prospective brilliance in organizing the next version of the global Great Game. As with Pakistan in late 2001, so -- from Central Africa to the Philippines -- this, too, looks like a winner in their eyes. "


Dinner An interesting bit of history on okra 'hibiscus esculentus', Arabic bamya: This vegetable was mentioned in ancient Iraq on Assyrian cuneiform tablets dealing with herbal medicines. It was called 'ubanu,' literally 'finger', which brings to mind the English name for okra, 'lady's fingers,' and Iraqi vernacular for okra banya. Today, okra is a very popular vegetable in Iraq. It is exclusively used for making margat bamya (okra stew).