Today, on February the first, we celebrate World Hijab Day. It was first celebrated in 2013 in order to educate the world on what wearing a hijab stands for. More importantly, this day is celebrated in the aim of protecting the right of an individual to wear one, neither forcing them nor banning them.

10+ Photos Of Iran’s Street Fashion That Will Destroy Your Stereotypes

tehran-street-style- Iranian women fashion trend

Modest designs, chic styles and bright colors are presenting the Iranian fashion trends!

Street style from Tehran (Iran) after new dress code laws were put in place in 2013.  I would totally wear this outfit! Gorgeous scarf

These Stylish Iranian Women Won't Let A Dress Code Hold Them Back

iran-tehran-fall-fashion- Iranian women fashion trend

How Iran's Young Women Are Using Fashion To Influence Politics . Iranian Women Find Stylish Ways to Abide by the Government's Strict Dress Code

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These 40 Glamorous Shots from 1970s Fashion Magazines Reveal How Iranian Women Dressed Before the Islamic Revolution

Sublime 25 Vintage Women's Fashion Fashion and Style Trends New materials, textures, designs, together with patterns gained popularity. Additionally, it will ha