What is IPA?

Said to be the most popular American craft beer style, the India Pale Ale is definitely not for everyone.

IPA Pickled Jalapeños, quick and easy pickled jalapeños made with beer I’m in a shitty dive bar in what can nicely be referred to as an “up and coming” area of town, and the guy I’ve just met asks me the question I’m asked far too often. Maybe for lack of a better conversation starter…

IPA Pickled Jalapeños

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What's your favorite style of craft beer? IPA, Lager, Pale, or  Stout?

Cheers for Beers

Citradelic Single Hop IPA - beer packaging by Hired Guns Creative

Hired Guns Creative - Citradelic Single Hop IPA

Citradelic Single Hop IPA - Hired Guns Creative curated by Packaging Diva PD Odd bu interesting beer packaging.