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A very helpful page out of Suzy Cohen's book "Thyroid Healthy", concerning thyroid testing. If you are dealing with hypothyroidism this is a great book to have and read.

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String Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) fronds. The Macrocystis frond grows from the apex or tip, continually splitting off new leaves as it elongates. By Ian Wallace of Tasmania, Australia.

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Low Energy? Look At Your Fingernail Moons

Missing Lunula ... NBNB Fascinating article saying that missing moons/orbs on fingernails can mean underactive thyroid and that B12 and Iodine levels should be checked. Also check for MTHFR gene mutation, can lead to B12 not being absorbed and folic acid deficiency hence babies not developing properly.

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Autoimmune Disease, Iodine And The Iodine Patch Test

Thyroid disease and iodine go hand in hand. You either have too much or not enough. It is good to know where your levels are. Read more here

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Seed Weed Snacks 3 large, raw Nori Sheets (seaweed) 1/4 cup each of: Flax Seeds Chia Seeds Raw Sunflower Seeds Raw Pumpkin Seeds Sesame Seeds

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Most people are deficient in iodine, and there is a simple test that can be used to determine if you are deficient: 1.Apply standard 2% topical iodine in a circular area that is about the size of a silver dollar on the abdomen, and allow it to completely dry before redressing. 2.Check to see if it almost completely disappears in 12 hours. If the iodine disappears within 12 hours, then you are iodine deficient. If deficient, take red marine algae supplements, NOT iodine orally.

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Iodine is very important for thyroid hormone production. Insufficient iodine intake can lead to health issues, including hypothyroidism. You can use this simple test at home to find out if you need to focus on getting more iodine in your diet. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER ADVERTISEMENT Supplies: Pen/paper 2% U.S.P Iodine Tincture (like this) Directions: IMPORTANT NOTE: This test is not for those with thyroid conditions (Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, etc) or for

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