21 Genius Inventions For People Who Love To Eat. LOL @Stephanie Close Hamberger @Amanda Snelson Allen

36 Clever Gifts For Food Lovers That You'll Want To Keep For Yourself

Travel There >> No more lunches in your lap! Car swivel tray attaches to car’s cup holder to keep everything at your fingertips—food, change, pen and paper, mobile phone and more. Jointed arm swivels from driver to passenger side and … Continued

This hands-free hairdryer stand makes styling your blowout a breeze

14 Bathroom Inventions You Didn't Realize You Needed

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Knowing how much spaghetti to cook will no longer be a guessing game when you use this spaghetti portion tool! Open the tool to the number of people you are cooking for and place enough spaghetti inside the ring until it's full.

25. Nightlight with Portable Glowing Orbs great for kids!

Glowing nightlight lamp with removable glow balls for trips to the bathroom I want ones

Brilliant invention

Brilliant invention

Extension cord built into the wall outlet. How convenient! Never search for an extension cord again!

25 Just Really Cool Inventions - 9GAG

25 Just Really Cool Inventions

Some of them are stupid, like the flipflop beer holder. But DAT nutella knife, ingenious plug design and waterproof touchscreen keyboard I want.

Greatest pen ever. I could see a lot of artists loving this. Wonder how much the replacement cartridges cost?

It's a marker that scans color and the marker is loaded with tiny ink cartridges and a color sensor, to provide exact color.

Un-Useless Japanese Inventions +I actually like this, its a nice way to use water instead of buying a jug or using the sink. Boil it and fridgerate, safe water for you to use!

14 Unsuccessfull Japanese Inventions

Truly useful things you never knew you needed

Truly useful things you never knew you needed


Cool inventions - some of these are pretty darn cool! I thought the hamper cleaner said hamster washer and cleaner:

No way, I want one...,

Keep It Clean With A Corn Kerneler

Corn Kerneler Kitchen Tool With Stainless Steel Blades - for fresh corn for salsa, casseroles, etc (or for your kids with braces).or Kevin who doesn't eat corn off the cob.

That would be so relaxing and mesmerizing. I want to sleep in it and watch the stars

30 Impossibly Cozy Places You Could Die Happy In

Funny pictures about Inflatable Lawn Tent. Oh, and cool pics about Inflatable Lawn Tent. Also, Inflatable Lawn Tent photos.

tree solar charger

Suntree Solar Charger: Inspired by Nature


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