Intuitive Surgical stock sinks.

Intuitive Surgical, the manufacturer of da Vinci robot, aggressively promoted the complex machine as a superior alternative to traditional surgery, without providing adequate warnings about the risk of problems caused by design defects that may allow the electric current from the robotic arms to pass outside of the operative field, causing damage to ureters, arteries, blood vessels, the bowel, bladder, vaginal cuff or other organs and tissue.

Intuitive Surgical - Endowrist Instruments

For Intuitive Surgical's New Robot, The World Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger

Intuitive Surgical - Endowrist Instruments

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Surgical Robots to Become Ubiquitous in Indian Hospitals: Intuitive Surgical Inc.

New January Stock to Buy Is Almost Science Fiction Intuitive Surgical's robotic surgery system is a hit that'll get hotter Jan 3, 2012.

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