My circle may be small but shit I love u guys. ❤️ Mum, Dad, Stan, Laura, Clare, Rone, Mark ❤️

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I love being alone but I'd rather sit in front of the TV just sit with someone who is happy to be there

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I am an irregular normal. Able to blend where I choose, love who I want, and block what doesn't matter.

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Oh, I do. I love the outdoors, of course, but I need to recharge myself at home. It's my sanctuary.

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My brain aches when extroverts get comfortable around me. So much useless info. So much shit

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Amen amen AMEN. To me its FREEDOM. No one to answer to. No one calling my name every 20 seconds. Love my man and love my friends and family. But I like being a l o n e.

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