especially "knows a topic well, but can't explain it at all." i may be the smartest in the class, but i never raise my hand to say things because i will say it wrong 100% guaranteed

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Stuff INTPs say | guilty as charged! I feel as if I am reading my own Biography... This is really trippy // Oh my goodness - that's pretty accurate..! :D

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I find that around most people, I'm INFP, with some, I'm INFJ, and with a small few I'm INTP... I think I'm a little confused...

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Oh this is so accurate... How much of my life has been driven by "Oh, tell me more about this - no wait, I've figured it out, let's move on!"

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This section INTP Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, INTP. For more information about the INTP type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

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The last one isn't totally accurate, but the first two definitely are

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Quite true, some off us (cough cough, I did) do it without even realising. I remember how I got Intj as my first result, and it didn't represent me at all.

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Six tips for your INTP. Basically how to care for yours. Haha too true

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Staying in the same spot for four hours? No way! I'm as fidgety as fvck. I can't stay still for ten minutes!

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