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Intj Personality

I've dug myself a hole here. I only say things when I think they're important or when I know I have the right answer, so I have a reputation for being super smart, making it embarrassing for me when I don't live up to expectations and everyone's like "wow I thought you'd get full marks but no" or "yay I beat you! That means I'm smart!" Which okay good for them, but it doesn't make me feel that great.


Life as an INTJ Female. I feel like I should come with this warning....and a t-shirt with a wipeable "acceptable people" list


I've lost count of the number of times where I have been reading something or thinking/planning, and someone says that it looks like I'm angry. I'm not pissed, I just furrow my brow when I think.


INTJ. This is me to a T. Once I've mastered something, I need a new challenge or I feel like I'm going to explode with frustration.


INTJ When I took the test I was 100% introvert (haha), 38% Intuitive, 56% thinking, and 22% judging. Most of these describe me pretty well, except for the debating one. I HATE arguments, and if one starts, I'll usually walk away. Also, I see some of these as flaws that I'm trying to overcome...I'm working on my people skills ;)


All of them except "I know that already." I avoid phrases akin to this as often as possible. Humility breeds knowledge


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The INTJ paradox- not to say any of these are exclusive to my type, but I can certainly identify with everything on this list. Except being early. If I don't wanna get there first you better believe I'm late.