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Inervention... with all the addicts in the world, how is this possibly being cancelled?!?!?!?


Intervention Banner, as seen on How I Met Your Mother

Intervention Banner inspired by How I Met Your Mother on Etsy, $22.95


Jeff Van Vonderon-my favorite interventionist from the TV show "Intervention" love him


Graphic and article about Intervention TV Show.

How I Met Your Mother Quotes | #Barney_Stinson


After another fundraiser goes awry, Thomas realizes it’s time for Kathryn to get a hobby, so she won’t further exacerbate his campaign stress and he agrees to move her downtown into a house she can decorate. Meanwhile, on the eve of Cooper and Landon’s fashion show, Shep decides to stage an intervention with Craig before he becomes a lost cause. And Whitney vows to avoid Kathryn at all costs at the fashion show. Read more at…


Love seeing people recover.

Why You Should Be Proud Of Your Curves

You make pretty impressive babies. | Why You Should Be Proud Of Your Curves (Curvier girls have more omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in their bodies. This is essential to proper brain development in children, which means that their children may be smarter and have more developed brains.)

Hollywood Exes Recap: Premiere

Hollywood Exes Recap: Moving On And Making Friends