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pronunciation | ‘a-ter-“mwa-men atermoiements, french, noun, this was my favorite extracurricular activity, distraction, distractions, distractions leading to procrastination, resulting in procrastination, procrastination, hesitation, school, college, high school, hashtag life, words, word, definitions, definition, otherwordly, other-wordly, A,

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yeee I discovered the word defenestration a few years ago when I was looking through my grandpa's graded papers (he's an English professor) and I now use it on a daily basis isn't english gREAT

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I read some of the comments, seeing the term for a ship that didn't work out: "shipwreck"...I think that needs to go in the fandom dictionary!

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Id like to see what this person writes for girl/boy and what other words they might add (fuckboy, manhoe, slut, yeet, fleek, slay, yassssss, etc.)

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though #connectors #esl

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