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Seeing many similar pieces in our readings for this class, this look is growing on me. Example of not filling space just for the sake of it. Nice alignment, nice variation in color contrast. Transparent elements creates depth. Clean typesetting and apparent grid use.

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Unspooling poster great modern version of the international typographic style. The visual characteristic of this poster is very clear for its audience. This poster was made for an art and cinema exhibition for international artists. I like how the word is being unspooled like yarn or unwinding what the artists have to present in the exhibit.

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swissted - Graphic designer Mike Joyce has taken vintage punk, hardcore, and indie rock show flyers and redesigned them in the International Typographic Style.

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Each poster reflects the traditional international typographic style posters, each sized to the standard swiss kiosk dimensions of 35.5″ by 50″. The typeface used of course is Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Medium.

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Swiss Ritual, a weekly visual and aural exploration of creating one album per week through the lens of Swiss minimalism. Swiss Ritual is an ongoing graphic

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