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Kindergarten Science Interactive Notebook

Science Interactive Notebook


Social Studies Interactive Notebook for K through 2nd grade BUNDLE

Social Studies Interactive Notebook Kindergarten - 2nd Grade. | This bundle of interactive notebooks for kindergarten to 2nd grade will help get you out of your teaching slump! All three of these INBs come packed with lessons and instructions to make your life easier! Plus, your students will have a blast learning about the social studies content included! www.teacherspayte...

Making The Most of Your Smart Board

Do you use your SMART Board to its full potential? Click here to learn some easy tips and tricks for creating engaging interactive lessons!


Behavior chart. Kids move up or down depending on their behavior. Kids with especially good behavior get a stamp in their "passport" and then have the opportunity to buy prizes with their stamps!

Rainforest Flip Flap Book

Have students learn, practice, or reinforce their knowledge of the rainforest with this great flip flap book. Each door is labeled with the layer of the rainforest. The door opens to reveal two animals that live in that layer. Perfect for an interactive notebook OR as a project.


I absolutely LOVE resources that my kids can use over and over again and Interactive Notebooks are just that. Within the past two years, I began...