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Now Blur's been turned into a Brick-pop band! Artist gives iconic album covers a Lego makeover

One Step Beyond... So good. The Sydney cover band was pretty amazing too and fantastic as never got to see these guys in concert. First saw them on The Young Ones 'Our House' although heard them on the radio while in secondary school.

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The 1940s was a time that racial inequality was soaring and interracial marriages we're extremely rare and I accepted on both ends of the spectrum. Black society didn't accept it because they felt like they were automatically the enemy and wrong done bye, as they typically we're. And white society didn't accept it because they felt that black people should be treated like less than humans, and based their opinions on someone's character off of stereotypes. Neither sides accepted the cultural…

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Diversidade since 1920.... Casamento inter-racial de japonês com negra. Década de 1920. Norte do Estado do Paraná

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The story of the couple whose Supreme Court case overturned ban on inter-racial marriage. But the fight for marriage equality continues:

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Carl Van Vechten and the Women of the Harlem Renaissance: Author article by Emily Bernard

Emily Bernard, author of Carl Van Vechten and the Harlem Renaissance: A Portrait in Black and White, explores the relationships between Van Vechten and the many women who circled through his interracial and inter-artistic world. Counting among his friends Gertrude Stein, Zora Neale, Hurston, Nella Larsen, and Ethel Waters, Van Vechten left no small trace of influence on their lives and contributions. #africanamericanauthors #harlemrenaissance

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Teenage girl pressured by German police 'NOT to file sexual assault report on refugee'

Police continue to cover up crimes by migrants in Germany. It can only be a recipe for success. What fantastic inter-racial inter-cultural harmony there is going to be.

Inter-racial Marriage in South Africa - In June 1985 the ban on inter-racial marriage in South Africa was finally lifted.