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I like being smart, why can't there be some smart decent single guys? With the scarcity out there, you'd think I was asking for all of the riches in the world.

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A beautiful woman with a brain

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Try not to become a man of #success, but rather try to become a man of value.

I'd rather be with someone who is worth spending my life with than someone who is worth a lot of money

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Nothing is so necessary for a man as the company of intelligent women. Knew what he was talking about, did Leo Tolstoy

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There is nothing sexier than a woman with a great set of legs and intelligence to go along with them.

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Wow. Talk about sheep being panicked. How long did a housewife keep this in the kitchen draw before the doom passed and the false threat go back under the bed with the other monsters.

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Respect. The undeniable beauty of achievement - and the accelerating evolution of humanity.

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