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Q1 CORPORATION Q1 System Photograph of the desktop console of the world's first microcomputer system. It utilized the Intel 8008 single-chip microprocessor.


Details about 1979 Microcomputer Projects Altair 8800 Scelbi 8080 KIM-1 Intel 8008 COSMAC Elf


El Intel 8008 (i8008) es un microprocesador diseñado y fabricado por Intel que fue lanzado al mercado en abril de 1972.

JS Waldhuter Pre-Apple Prototype Computer w Intel 8008 Parallel Processor (1975).

mark-8 minicomputer reproduction - homebrew intel 8008 hobbyist computer from $1.0


Tbilisi | თბილისი (თბილისი)

2-bit Intel 8008 chip

Mark-8 Minicomputer. The Mark-8 was an Intel 8008 / 256 bytes RAM memory based system without neither ROM monitor, power supply, case, video, keyboard, nor backup interface. Consequently, the user had to enter program instructions each time he turned the system on.