Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans: Interactive Notebooks: Integers and Coordinate Grid

Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans: Interactive Notebooks: Integers and Coordinate Grid I like this set up to push all 4 concepts together.

Math = Love: Printable Vertical Number Line Foldable for Interactive Notebooks

I get e-mails from people all the time wondering how to get started with interactive notebooks. Honestly, I& not quite sure how to answer .

Integer rules cootie catcher

Integer rules cootie catcher

Integer Cootie Catcher - working on integers now. Not a math teacher, but kids still have questions. This could be modified for various math concerns. :) must show to the math teachers.

This file includes two great foldables to be used for teaching Adding and Subtracting Integers! Students will be able to easily cut and fold to create a tool that can be added into their interactive notebook.  I have also included practice problems for each type, so the students will have a chance to practice after the notes are filled in.

Integer Foldables for Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide

Adding Integers (Foldable)                                                                                                                                                     More

Adding Integers (Foldable)

This foldable provided students with practice modeling integer addition using integer chips and the number lines. There are a total of 12 problems, as well as space to write the "rule" which they will discover after completing the problems given.

A simple tool to make integer operations more concrete. This manipulative makes adding positive and negative numbers more intuitive. Integers come up in so many places, from middle school all the way through high school with solving equations. This tool helped even my Algebra 2 students get more confident when working with integers.

A manipulative for integer operations

Needed this at the beginning of the year, better late than never. I refuse to let them depend on a calc!

Integers (Foldable)

I like how this asks the student to summarize the rule. Modification idea: give struggling students sentence frameworks or starters

Very cool flippable foldable :) Others on this website for fractions, decimals, etc

Integer Rules foldable :) There are also foldables for fractions, decimals, etc on this website.