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PR is relationships and reputation — how do we measure intangible assets?

PR is relationships and reputation — how do we measure intangible assets? — Medium

INTANGIBLE ASSETS ACCOUNT FOR UP TO 80% OF BUSINESS VALUE: To get an idea of the strategic importance of “intellectual assets” in general, take a look at how value is assigned to FTSE 100 companies. Back in the 1980s, market capitalisation and balance sheet asset values followed each other closely. But look at the top businesses today and you will find that up to 80% of their value no longer relates to “hard assets”. The difference is accounted for by a whole range of intangibles.

"WHO ARE INNGOT? Inngot provides powerful web tools that profile, value and showcase IP and intangibles, to help organisations attract partners, customers and funding. Visit to find out more, or watch our video here."

Tangible Versus Intangible Assets - Lots of other good infographs on this site too!


Formal kimono with design of chrysanthemums and fowlsDivided dyeing (somewake) on plain-weave silk (habutae), Created in 1935 by Uzan Kimura, holder of an "Important Intangible Cultural Asset". This work was produced in Kimura's prime, and is very rich in individuality and artistic merit.


Competitive Intelligence, Analysis and Strategy :: <P>The Holy Grail for most organisations is the successful attainment, and retention, of inimitable competitive advantage. This book addresses the question of how to leverage the unique intangible assets of an organisation: its explicit, implicit, acquired and derived knowledge. The refreshingly innovative concept of <I>Intelligence-Based Competitive Advantage<SUP>©</I></SUP> is one which will eclipse the cost-driven and resource-r...

Quick and easy marketing strategies for a small business --- Marketing a business has undoubtedly changed and evolved over the last 20 years... Small businesses might be overwhelmed by the multitude of channels available including ecampaigns, website development, social media, media relations and data analytics. The tips below will help navigate through some basics of finding the right mix of marketing strategy that will add value and produce results.