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Site rotation - AccuChek~it's would be a lot easier if I had no stretch marks from having a baby!


Sleep and Insulin Pumps - Sleeping with a Pump


Where to place a site for your insulin pump in case i do get a insulin pump one day


A guide to insulin pumps #diabetes


Multiway Body Band - Classic

The Multiway Body Band is a versatile, unisex pump accessory that can be worn in multiple positions due to its incredible stretch and adjustability. The smooth microfiber pouch and brush-back elastic band are soft and comfortable on the body, like your regular underwear. The overall effect of this sleek band is to make a pump much less visible beneath many outfits. The band is small, light weight and easy to pack, travel with and store, and adjusted for a snug fit, the pump stays firmly...

from Etsy

This Bag Contains My Pancreas / Diabetic Supply Bag / Funny Bag / Medical Supply Bag / Pink and Black / Funny Bags / Make-Up Case

This hilarious zipper bag measures 8 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 2 inches deep. Color of fabric is a durable Kona cotton available in hot


Image of Hanky Scarf - Many Colors! Wear your (my) insulin pump fashionably!


7 Essential FREE Apps for Diabetics - Saved By Grace


What You Should Know About Flying with an Insulin Pump

DIY Pump Band |