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A guide to insulin pumps #diabetes


Multiway Body Band - Classic

The Multiway Body Band is a versatile, unisex pump accessory that can be worn in multiple positions due to its incredible stretch and adjustability. The smooth microfiber pouch and brush-back elastic band are soft and comfortable on the body, like your regular underwear. The overall effect of this sleek band is to make a pump much less visible beneath many outfits. The band is small, light weight and easy to pack, travel with and store, and adjusted for a snug fit, the pump stays firmly...


Site rotation - AccuChek~it's would be a lot easier if I had no stretch marks from having a baby!


Where to place a site for your insulin pump in case i do get a insulin pump one day


The secret to making your insulin pump and cgm sensors stick to your skin better and for much longer! #diabeticprobs #diabeticproblems |


Insulin Pump Comparisons | Compare Insulin Pumps by Manufacturer

What You Should Know About Flying with an Insulin Pump

Social Security is already a hot-button issue, and recent changes have people really freaking out about it, which makes it tough to get past the outrage and just navigate the facts. Here’s what you should know about the changes.

Lacy Pancreas: 5 Panties With Pockets for Your Insulin Pump

Lacy Pancreas: 5 Panties With Pockets for Your Insulin Pump Source by brittanyhenegar

POCKETBRA™ for Insulin Pump Users

Enjoy freedom with the ease of MedPockets™, the pocket bra® that stores your medical equipment such as insulin pumps, in a comfortable and beautiful way.


The diabetic's guide to wearing an insulin pump

The diabetic's guide to wearing an insulin pump. Medtronic.