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Swedish company Träullit produce Dekor Tiles from an environmentally-friendly recyclable material, made from ‘wood-wool’, cement & water. This combination of natural components is simple & clever. Wood fibres make the tiles sound-absorbent & give the product a heat-insulating, heat-retaining quality. This contributes to lower energy costs, reducing environmental impact. Cement provides strength, moisture resistance & fire protection.

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Roof for butterflies! Even wildflower fields are sold like carpets on roofs. If I ever get a dream house, that's my roof :)

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How to Sound Proof a Room

Whether you need to keep noise in a room (your son is a drummer in a band) or keep noise out of a room (you need peace and quiet from your kids in your home office while you work), sound proofing can help. There are 4 main types of sound proofing. The most basic is adding mass, which is putting more things in the way of the noise. You can also absorb the sound with fluffy insulation. Another option is to disconnect the items in your home that will vibrate...

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Conservatory styles. Thinking the P shaped would be good, could have living space in part and greenhouse in part, or maybe two Edwardian, one connected to the house, one separate but easy to get to, for greenhouse.

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VMZINC's Structural Roof is a construction system combining a standing seam roofing in VMZ Zinc plus with rigid mineral wool insulation laid on supporting structures in steel, wood or concrete. It's a modular warm roof system for any type of deck (steel sheets, wood, concrete), suitable for low to high hygrometry, that can be used in all types of roof.

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Installing insulation is one of the most environmentally friendly things a homeowner can do. About 65 percent of U.S. houses are poorly insulated, a 2005 Harvard study estimates. The Best Insulation Types for Your Home | Tiny Homes

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