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Instrument Landing System

The surface area of Saturn's moon Mimas is slightly less than the land area of Spain and is composed of water ice with only a small amount of rock. Yet Saturn's resonances with Mimas, and Mimas' resonances with other orbiting satellites are instrumental in the formation of Saturn's rings.


Surface Of Venus

Surface Of Venus- Oh that strange toxic yellow sky! The surface conditions on Venus are extreme, therefore the probes only survived on the surface for a duration of 23 minutes (initial probes); and up to about two hours (final probes).


The nuclear-powered mobile science laboratory Curiosity is to rove across the surface of Mars for years, searching for the conditions that may have once made Mars an abode of life.


Rosetta mission: Philae comet landing photos released - live

First image from the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from the Rosetta million’s lander Philae

An advanced instrument landing system is up and running at Belfast International #Airport after being successfully installed by #NATS. #aviation #avgeek #Belfast

The Tower at #Gibraltar #Airport - There are challenges for #pilots flying in and out of the airport – not least that the sea is at each end of the runway. There is no instrument landing system (#ILS) at Gibraltar Airport either,which is relatively unusual for pilots approaching #airports these days. It means the pilot cannot rely on automation here and they have to land the #aircraft themselves.


Incredible New Photos Taken From the Surface of a Comet

Incredible New Photos Taken From the Surface of a Comet | The image shows the comet as seen by Philae's ROLIS instrument on the during descent from about 3 Kilometers away. Resolution is about 3 meters per pixel. ESA/Rosetta/Philae/ROLIS/DLR |


INFOGRAPHIC: How Rosetta Will Land On A Comet

Rosetta Comet Landing Explained In One Simple Infographic - Diagrams show how lander touches down on a comet nucleus.