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Why the advertising industry needs to embrace AdBlock -

How to Install Adblock Free in Safari browser - Mac OS X [2017] [EASY]

Samsung allows ad-blocking on new mobile web browser

The latest version of the default web browser on Samsung's Android phones will allow users to install ad-blocker extensions to be installed as extensions for the Safari browser. Popular ad-blockers such as Adblock Fast and Crystal, have already been made available for Samsung phones. As well as making web pages less cluttered, ad-blockers often improve browsers' performance - and reduce the draw on phone batteries and data plans.

Google reportedly paid to be whitelisted from Adblock Plus

Google reportedly paid to be whitelisted from Adblock Plus | Ever notice that Google's ads don't go away, even with ad-blocking software installed? There might be a reason for that. Buying advice from the leading technology site

iOS 9 features - updated for iOS 9.3

iOS 9 release date, features and news | Get ready for the iOS 9 update. Apple's next iPhone and iPad operating system has been revealed. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Microsoft has been keen to consigne Internet Explorer to the history books, but for a long time there has been a glaring issue with its successor, Microsoft Edge: a lack of extensions. With the rel…

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How to Install AdBlock for Chrome!