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20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns

This ad uses humour to connect to the public. It's for super glue and by placing a large sculpture of the glue on a bridge, makes the bridge look like a tiny model. It suggests that this bridge has been held together with this glue so it is very strong. It reminds me of an Airfix model that I made with my dad when I was young.

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Google reportedly paid to be whitelisted from Adblock Plus

Google reportedly paid to be whitelisted from Adblock Plus | Ever notice that Google's ads don't go away, even with ad-blocking software installed? There might be a reason for that. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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Samsung allows ad-blocking on new mobile web browser

The latest version of the default web browser on Samsung's Android phones will allow users to install ad-blocker extensions to be installed as extensions for the Safari browser. Popular ad-blockers such as Adblock Fast and Crystal, have already been made available for Samsung phones. As well as making web pages less cluttered, ad-blockers often improve browsers' performance - and reduce the draw on phone batteries and data plans.

It would be a shame if this post reached r/filtered reminding everyone that they can eliminate all ads by installing Adblock Plus

Microsoft has been keen to consigne Internet Explorer to the history books, but for a long time there has been a glaring issue with its successor, Microsoft Edge: a lack of extensions. With the rel…

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iOS 9 features - updated for iOS 9.3

iOS 9 release date, features and news | Get ready for the iOS 9 update. Apple's next iPhone and iPad operating system has been revealed. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Ad-blocking tools are more popular than ever before, and this spells potential disaster for anyone who relies on ad revenue from their web site. Previously something only available to desktop users…

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