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7 point story structure

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WRITING PROMPT: You are heir to the throne, prince(ss) of a medium sized nation of this world. Your parents died too early and everyone is ready to exploit your inexperience, your enemies are ready to tear the kingdom apart, your advisers ready to use you as a puppet. It's time to establish dominance.

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Writespiration #3

"Tommy, remember me. I can't hear you anymore. Hello?" My boss comes forward. "We are assigning you to a new kid or do you want to die?"

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4 Easy Writing Tips To Turn Short Stories Into Kindle Cash -- Want to make money writing short stories? You can. Kindle Unlimited has made short stories not only popular, but profitable too.

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I'd do something like only half of people live through it, not like half the people die, but since people just skip the whole chunk of time

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You work at the world's highest security prison. You spend 8 hours a day monitoring the sole prisoner there through a security camera. You nod off during your shift and he's gone when you wake up.

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