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"This Imperial Sunstreak is probably one of the most beautiful butterflies that I have photographed, it lives from Mexico to Bolivia, in Colombia from sea level to 1500 masl. Some of the butterflies of this family have some hairy tails that they move constantly so the predators will get confused and if they bite they won´t do it in the head." Juan Jaramillo Forewing 20-22 mm

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Salvia, the Latin name for sage, means ‘to heal’. Internally, the sage is used for : indigestion flatulence liver complaints excessive lactation excessive perspiration excessive salivation anxiety depression female sterility menopausal problems On the other hand, it is used externally for : insect bites skin infections throat infections mouth infections gum infections skin infections

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Back in Stock - Vintage Washing Laundry Reckitt's Bag Blue Reckitt & Coleman Hull Dolly Bag 1950s NOS Dolly Blue £6 Long before the age of modern washing machines and powerful laundry detergents there was Reckitt's Blue considered to be one of the first laundry whiteners; it was produced by Reckitt & Sons (also known as Reckitt & Coleman) a company founded by Isaac Reckitt a Quaker of Hull in 1840. Please see Link for more details :))

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Baltic amber (40-50 MYO) - Biting midge (Ceratopogonidae) by leth.damgaard, via Flickr | In #China? Try for award winning #kid's #science |

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