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Innovative Textile Design using knitting, weaving & 3D printed elements for contrast & texture // Laura McPherson

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Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design research and sketches - creative process; fashion portfolio layout // Ruri Watanabe

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Unique Invitations + Stationary | Fashion forward innovative petri dish invitation ~b.astonished Wedding Planning

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In 2010, researchers developed a method where a sheet of composite material can self-fold when an electrical current is passed through it. In 2011, researchers were able to get a polymer sheet to shelf-fold when exposed to light.

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China angered by U.S. criticism of anti-terror fight

China on Friday asked the United States to respect the fight against what Beijing says are militants in the far western region of Xinjiang, after Washington expressed concern about the lack of transparency in China's anti-terror campaign.,,jun16

Tactility Factory is an innovative company, founded by Trish Belford and Ruth Morrow. TF commercialises research that lead to the development of hybrid concrete/textile surfaces

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