North East corner of the balcony. To the left, Ficus longifolia ‘Ali’, and in the far corner, Cussonia spicata (tall tree with trunk). Outdoor dining setting by TAIT. Photo – Annette O’Brien for The Design Files.

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This book not only explains mind mapping and visual thinking, but helps you to explain/share with others. My doodles though, not quite as hip as the author's.

Holy moly! The most most beautiful vintage Moroccan wedding blanket. Absolutely incredible nested diamond pattern with shiny sequinning. Available on M.Montague Online Souk!

GM CLIMBING D-Shape Locking Carabiner Screw Gate 22kN Pack of 5. STRONG! Offset D shape Carabiner transfers most of the weight to the spine when loaded, providing greater strength than other shape carabiners. EASY CLIP! Large gate opening is one of the primary advantages of offset D carabiner to create easier clip during operation as well as large inner space for multi-point anchor. SMOOTH ROPE PULL! The part of carabiner where the rope comes in direct contact is designed to be rounded…

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