20 Inner Elbow Tattoo Ideas

20 Inner Elbow Tattoo Ideas

Two of the tree main nerves run directly over the inner elbow, making it one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.

20 Inner Elbow Tattoo Ideas

20 Inner Elbow Tattoo Ideas

Blackwork tattoos only use black ink to render the tattoo design. By using nothing but black ink the focus is placed entirely on the design.

Si quieres algo femenino, estos son para ti.

Ideas para chicas que se quieren tatuar, ¡pero no saben qué ni en dónde!

simple triangle. i love geometric tattoo designs

Very simple triangle tattoo. Similar size, slightly lower placement, equilateral triangle with base running parallel to arm.

Poppy tattoos on the forearm. Tattoo artist: Zihwa

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